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Welcome to Bodypulse Dance Limited 2015


Bodypulse welcomes girls & boys to discover how Jazz Dance can improve fundamental movement skills, confidence and be lots of fun!

We currently offer classes in Rangiora and Amberley. We hope to reopen in Rotherham in 2016. 

Jazz Dance Classes for Children aged 3 - 15

Bodypulse Dance provides classes aimed to improve:

  • Basic dance skills
  • Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Flexibility  

If you are interested in dancing, these are the classes for you!
Please contact us for more information.

About Bodypulse Dance 

Bodypulse Dance started up in 2009 and developed into Bodypulse Dance Limited in 2011. Bodypulse Dance follows its own unique syllabus aimed at challenging and rewarding students. Bodypulse Dance believes everyone should be given the opportunity to participate and experience the joys of dancing. Bodypulse tutors welcome new students.


Each dance lesson will begin with a fun aerobic warm up, followed by isolations of the body and different dance exercises. Combinations up the room and bar work will be included in some lessons. Specific dance skills will then be taught, followed by class dances built up each week. Some lessons will include a dance based game. To finish, floor work will often be utilized to strengthen the body, warm down and improve flexibility. Dance classes should be challenging and fun! Bodypulse aims to provide affordable, fun dance lessons which improve co-ordination, fitness, flexibility, develop confidence and provide an opportunity for social development.  We encourage students wanting to be ‘professional dancers’ to attend lessons which offer exams and follow a NZ recognised syllabus. 


Mrs Vickie Bond

Vickie has taught dancing for over 10 years in several North Canterbury towns such as Oxford and Amberley. Vickie has extensive coaching experience in a variety of sports and teaching experience with children through her work as a teacher aide. Vickie is the primary dance teacher in Rangiora and Amberley. 

Miss Christina Bond

Christina has danced and has been teaching jazz in North Canterbury for over 10 years. Christina has a BA in Psychology and Education and PGdip in Health Sciences at the University of Canterbury. Christina is the education coordinator at MHERC. Christina holds her Advanced 1 qualification under the American Jazz Dance Affiliation syllabus. 

For more information about the classes please click on Rangiora or Rotherham.


A huge thank you to our 2014 sponsors, the Amuri Lions Club and Aleisha Frazer Photography.